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Training Outcomes

By the end of the programme, Barnardo’s will have worked with over 200 schools (Primary, Secondary and alternative provision). As well as our core training modules, which all schools accessed, we offered specific additional elements of the programme such as reviewing policies; training staff to feel confident setting up a group for LGBTQ young people and allies; supporting pupils through 1:1 sessions; and exploring the interaction between different parts of identity, such as faith or culture. Our core modules were delivered to an average of 27 participants each and over the first two years of the programme we trained over 6000 participants across all modules. Our training was mostly delivered to full staff teams, with some sessions delivered to a smaller working group of staff. Schools produced an action plan following training sessions; this is a working document which detailed how they were going to work towards making the school environment as inclusive as possible. We also ran our Barnardo’s Equalities Ambassador (BEAM) programme, which in the first full academic year saw us train over 400 pupil ambassadors, supported by 100 staff ambassadors alongside 60 parents and community members.

Through the programme we have worked alongside schools in supporting them to ensure their curriculum and school environment is inclusive of LGBTQ lives, different families, and a diverse range of gender identities and expressions. We have worked with teachers to explore ways to positively challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination through an educative, restorative approach. We have also discussed the provision of support for pupils around gender identity and/or sexual identity, and worked with pastoral teams and other support staff to build on their knowledge and confidence in offering child-centred support. Through our work with schools we have been privileged to work alongside the passion and commitment of thousands of staff, pupils and the wider school community, working towards positive change for children and young people across the Yorkshire and Humber region, and each child and young person’s right to be proud of who they are.


Feedback on the training...

“This training and content needs to be kept at forefront of my mind and professional practice.”

“I'm happy to hear this information being taught as I've never heard it in a professional environment.”

“The training has helped me understand a pupil in our academy and how to deal with pupil/parent issues.”

Examples of actions offered by training participants:

“As a governor I will not approve any policy that is not gender neutral.”

“Running LGBTQ+ allies group. I'm school chaplain, so showing religion and LGBTQ+ is compatible!”

“Have child's preferred name on register.”