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For our guidance on PSHE education in non-mainstream contexts please see our FAQs section. Below are some external PSHE resources, guidance and support for teachers of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Primary education
The Teacher and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) had produced a guide for primary PGCE tutors and trainees for teaching PSHE education to pupils with SEN and/or disabilities. The publication contains information and guidance on inclusion, removing barriers, self-auditing, early development, assessing performance and bilingual learners. Although the TDA is no longer in operation, the document is archived and available here.

Sex and Relationship Education 

The Sex Education Forum has produced a list of SRE resources and a fact sheet aimed at teachers of children and young people with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Gifted students

Supporting gifted and talented children - Primary Subjects article (Autumn 2008, issue 2)