Event highlights

The event kicked-off with an introduction and opening remarks from Jenny Barksfield, our Deputy CEO & Principal Subject Specialist. Jenny introduced the 3 ‘R’s and explored PSHE education’s vital role — both short and long-term — as part of a recovery curriculum. This was followed by a presentation from Richard Vaughan, Deputy Director, Life Skills, Curriculum and Extra-Curricular, Department for Education. Richard’s session focussed on children and young people’s mental health and the implementation of Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education in light of the Covid-19 situation.

Delegates then split-off to take part in their choice of workshops led by our team of Subject Specialists, with sessions on planning and delivering effective Relationships Education (Primary or secondary) and preparing for Ofsted: PSHE education’s intent, implementation and impact (Crossphase). After a short break — a chance for delegates to top up their teas and coffees — we re-joined for the second keynote of the day from Dr Elly Hanson: We need to talk about porn, but how? As well as making a compelling case for why teachers should address this vital and challenging topic in the classroom, she also outlined some advice on how to do it safely and effectively. During the keynote, we launched 2 new briefings on the topic which you can download here (Teacher Briefing) and here (Impact Briefing).

We split into groups again for the second Subject Specialist-led workshop sessions, which this time included an option for school leaders on choice between on leading their school to success in statutory Relationships Education (& Sex Education) and Health Education implementation.

The event closed with Jono’s inspirational rallying-cry for PSHE teachers everywhere to take us beyond recovery and towards a curriculum for renewal, with PSHE education at its heart. Jono explores what Covid-19 tells us about Britain today and education’s vital role. This is definitely one you can use to make the case for PSHE in your schools or to those who remain unaware of, or convinced by, its potential. Watch the full video in all its glory on YouTube here.

What our delegates said about the event…