Jigsaw PSHE

Jigsaw PSHE

Jigsaw PSHE is a comprehensive primary PSHE Scheme of Work for Years F1 and 2 to Year 6 (ages 3-11). The scheme of work provides a structured and developmental PSHE programme focused on building emotional literacy and social skills within a whole-school approach.

Jigsaw, is a primary Scheme of Work for PSHE education, including 288 lesson plans and supporting teaching materials. The whole school engages in one theme at a time across all year groups, with 6 themes over the course of a year, one per half term. Each unit is launched with an assembly and each Puzzle works towards a whole school piece of work each term.

  • The teaching strategies outlined are varied and are mindful of preferred learning styles and the need for differentiation. All teaching resources - such as Powerpoint presentations, interactive games and activities are provided.
  • The included ‘Jigsaw friends’ characters are unique to each year group and integral to each lesson. They are valuable teaching aides, especially for issues some pupils may consider sensitive.
  • The Scheme of Work also focuses on developing mindfulness techniques and enhancing pupils’ learning and personal development, therefore supporting the self- regulation of emotion, building of emotional resilience and enhancement of pupil focus and concentration, while building the capacity to learn.


The PSHE Association’s Subject Lead Karen Summers says;

“This is a really comprehensive resource. It links emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development alongside an integrated mindfulness approach in order to support pupils’ learning in PSHE.

Members will especially appreciate:

  • planning has already been done for them and links well with SEAL themes and plans
  • the comprehensive nature of the resources will save a great deal of preparation time
  • the attainment descriptors provide a benchmark for teachers to evidence pupil progress as well as continuity and progression across the PSHE curriculum,
  • how the resource sits well within a creative curriculum, especially for schools using Philosophy for Children communities of enquiry or following a growth mind set approach to enrich pupils’ learning." 

How to get the resource:

Schools purchasing Jigsaw PSHE have the option of either buying the ‘Jigsaw PSHE Whole School Set’ or buying sets of materials for individual year groups.

See the Jigsaw PSHE website for more information.

or contact:  Jan Lever- jan@jigsawpshe.com



Date uploaded: 26 May 2016

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