PSHE Association lesson planning tool and checklist

PSHE Association lesson planning tool and checklist

These documents offer guidance on writing and evaluating your PSHE education lesson plans.

The Lesson planning flowchart is designed to support teachers to plan engaging, relevant lessons, that are tailored to the needs of their pupils. There is a wealth of material available that is relevant to PSHE education, ranging from text books to TV programmes, and PSHE education leads are frequently bombarded with information about the latest resources, DVDs, theatre groups, campaigns and visiting speakers. This can mean that too often our starting point for lesson planning is an activity or particular resource that appeals to us, rather than starting with a clear picture of what we want the learners to learn and then finding activities and resources that help us achieve our objectives.  If we take our learning objectives and intended learning outcomes as our starting point, then follow each step of the flow chart in order, it is much easier to ensure a progressive, coherent programme, as well as ensuring that appropriate assessment for and of learning

Date uploaded: 17 Jul 2019

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