SRE Covered (Islington Healthy Schools Team)

SRE Covered (Islington Healthy Schools Team)

Resources which address a wide range of sex and relationship education topics.

The resource listed below has received our Quality Assurance Mark for PSHE education resources. This mark helps teachers choose resources that meet a demanding set of standards drawn from 10 research-evidenced principles of PSHE education. Please note that our Quality Assurance mark only applies to the individual resource listed below but is not a quality assurance of organisations’ general service or other resources they have produced.

Publisher's description of resource:

"This comprehensive resource pack contains a wealth of activities and resources to address the breadth of sex and relationship education topics. Engaging activities for KS3 and 4 include card sorts, diamond nines, ‘lines of continuum’, case studies, structured discussion; the resource also links to relevant web-based resources and films. Assessment is incorporated throughout.  
The resource provides tools for planning a whole school SRE curriculum covering relationships, sexual health, contraception, pregnancy and parenthood, as well as more sensitive topics, including abuse, violence in relationships, FGM, sexting and pornography. 
The content is divided into distinct topics for key stages 3 and 4, each containing broad learning intentions and clear learning outcomes. The resource is designed so that teachers can identify appropriate learning intentions and outcomes for their pupils from the different topics.

Key Stage 3

  • Puberty
  • Positive relationships
  • Sex and contraception
  • Sexual health

Key Stage 4

  • Exploring relationships
  • Safe sex and relationships
  • Pregnancy choices and decision-making
  • Parenting

The pack can be used by a teacher planning for a single class as well as a PSHE education co-ordinator planning for a whole school. The process is the same:  

  • identify what the pupils need to learn: this may be through baseline assessment, knowledge of their prior learning in SRE, or through seeking pupils’ opinions
  • select learning outcomes which should come from several of the topics for that key stage
  • select activities to meet each learning outcome which are best suited to the pupils
  • plan each lesson to fit the time allocated, choosing a variety of styles of activity and considering starter and assessment opportunities
  • compile a self-assessment sheet which matches the chosen learning outcomes by using the assessment planning tool.
  • evaluate pupils’ responses to the work you have planned. There is an evaluation resource in the Appendix and Planning Tools.
  • inform parents of these schemes of work and make the schemes available for parents to see and discuss. A suggested letter to parents is included in the Appendix.


Schemes of work

There are suggested schemes of work suitable for six one-hour SRE lessons for each year within secondary schools. They cover the full range of learning outcomes, planned as a series of coherent lessons with a balanced mixture of engaging activities and including self-assessment.
SRE Covered was written and developed by Janine Killough and Janice Slough working as part of the Islington Healthy Schools team. It has been trialled and used successfully in a number of Islington schools and it has been awarded the PSHE Association quality kitemark. 

For further information or to buy a copy please contact

Download a Sample:

Head to the Islington website and download the free FGM lesson plan to get a flavour for the SRE Covered resource. This lesson plan is designed to raise awareness of FGM and inform young people of the facts and issues, and how and where to get help if they need to

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Quality assured


Relationships and Sex Education


Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4

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