Subject review and improvement planning tools

Subject review and improvement planning tools

Self-evaluation and improvement planning are a crucial part of developing PSHE education in schools. Whether you have recently taken over leading PSHE in your school or simply want help to identify your provision’s strengths and areas for development, these tools will really help, as well as providing great evidence for Ofsted or ISI inspection.

1.       The PSHE education subject review framework:

The aim of this framework is to support schools in reviewing their PSHE education provision and to inform their improvement planning. The framework comprises grids containing descriptors adapted from both the PSHE Association’s Ofsted Self-review Tool and Self-review Tool for Secondary PSHE Education to cover the key aspects of PSHE education provision under the following three headings:

   Section 1. Leadership, management and organisation of PSHE education

   Section 2. PSHE education teaching and learning

   Section 3. The PSHE education curriculum

The most important part of the subject review is what happens next. The ‘next steps’ box under each set of descriptors is intended to make this a working document that supports and informs the subject development/improvement plan. If used electronically, additional ‘Current assessment’ and ‘Next steps’ row

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