Teaching Drug and Alcohol Education with Confidence in Primary Schools from CWP Resources

Teaching Drug and Alcohol Education with Confidence in Primary Schools from CWP Resources

This is a comprehensive scheme of work for primary drugs and alcohol education and contains lesson plans, teaching materials and guidance documents for teachers of years 1-6. The resource aims to teach pupils about the risks and health implications of legal and illegal substances, with a focus on the development of skills such as assertiveness and resisting peer pressure.

The resource is also cross-referenced with the core theme - ‘Health and Wellbeing’ of the PSHE Association Programme of Study.

Key learning objectives and outcomes are outlined for lesson plans and lessons are designed to be adapted depending on the degree of knowledge each class has about the topics covered.

The subject areas covered include:

  • Staying healthy

  • Risk and safety rules

  • Smoking

  • The effects of alcohol

  • Legal and illegal drugs

  • Peer pressure

  • How to access help, advice and support

The PSHE Association’s Subject Lead Karen Summers says that;
We are happy to grant this resource our Quality Mark and when using ‘Teaching Drug and Alcohol Education with Confidence in Primary Schools’,  members will especially appreciate:

  • high quality lesson plans for all year groups across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which ensure that a safe and supportive learning environment is created through the use of ground rules and teacher guidance,

  • that the scheme of work is cross-referenced with the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study for PSHE education (Core Theme 1: Health and Wellbeing),

  • comprehensive information for teachers on many different aspects of drug and alcohol education for use in the primary setting,

  • a progressive framework over both Key Stages which enables pupils to build on their previous learning and understanding,

  • interactive learning activities which are child-centred and match the needs of learners,             

Visit the CWP Resources website for more information.

*Members may also be interested in Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools by CWP Resources which has also been awarded our Quality Mark for Resources.

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