Ten questions about bullying

Ten questions about bullying

This resource helps you to explore pupils’ understanding of bullying and to share with them the most effective ways of responding to it, whether it’s happening to themselves or a friend.

It is quite common for children to dismiss certain types of bullying - such as cyber-bullying or psychological bullying - and not seek help, although these forms of bullying can be just as damaging as the physical kind.  By exploring these questions with your pupils you can help to dispel any misconceptions they may have and provide important information about how the school can offer support if they, or a friend, are experiencing bullying. 

It is usually best to ask pupils not to share personal experiences during this type of session, but to use examples and scenarios with fictitious characters who are being bullied or doing the bullying.  However, be sure to make yourself more available than usual to pupils directly following the lesson in case it triggers them to want to share any personal concerns with regards to bullying. 

The questions in this document should be read alongside our additional guidance on 

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