The programme worked to reduce incidents of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying in primary and secondary schools using two approaches:

  1. Bespoke, in-school support to develop a whole school approach. Support was tailored to the individual needs of each school, allowing them to focus on their own priorities and work at an appropriate pace.
  2. Staff attended training to increase their confidence and competence and were supported to share their knowledge with colleagues across their school with eLearning modules.

What schools said:

“Going forward I am certainly going to change my use of language to be more inclusive as I know in the past I have said 'all' a lot. I feel a little more confident now considering the concerns an LGBT person would have, whereas before I would have probably said. 'I don't know or it is not my area or I have little knowledge and even less experience with this, sorry.' I feel now I would at least try and be more helpful and less afraid that I will just make it worse somehow.”
Gender Matters attendee

“I know the project has been a resounding success in school and we are all very grateful to you for your gentle guidance and advice towards that success. I'm sure the impact of it will be long lasting for each of the Year 5's as they grow up but also and equally important, for our future children here as they participate in elements of the project throughout their time with us.”
Primary School, Lincolnshire

“This [Self-Assessment and Action Plan] has given us a chance to see how far our school has come with the support of Jonathan and Kate through the Learn Equality, Live Equal programme.”
Secondary school, Bristol

Outcomes of the programme:

  • School audit and Action Planning Tool to develop a whole school approach and monitor progress
  • Browse real life examples of schools’ work on our new Virtual Display Board
  • Get started with our new Guide for School Leaders, informed by programme experience.


See the Virtual Display Board