Nottingham celebrates PSHE Association quality mark for DrugAware resource


Last Friday, on behalf of the PSHE Association, Joe Hayman attended the Nottingham City Council Headquarters to celebrate the Nottingham DrugAware resource being awarded our Quality Assurance mark. This quality mark helps teachers choose resources that meet a demanding set of standards, drawn from 10 research-evidenced principles of PSHE education.

The DrugAware resources for primary schools explore substance use (including medicines, alcohol, smoking and other drugs) in the context of pupils’ age and experiences, providing 3-5 lessons that build knowledge, skills, attitudes and positive health aspirations. It provides useful guidance for teachers developing an effective drug and alcohol education programme and explores how to stay safe.

The DrugAware secondary resources focus on engaging young people in personalised learning where they explore the knowledge, life skills and attitudes needed to keep them safe in situations where they may encounter drugs or risky behaviours. The resource includes 29 lessons and a library of challenging trigger photographs.

Attendees of the award ceremony included the local MP, Graham Allen, who is also the chair of the Early Intervention Foundation and a passionate advocate for children and young people, along with leading officials from within the Council working on public health and children’s services, including Jane Hyland, the Acting Chair of the PSHE Association Advisory Council, and a number of local councillors. 

Following the ceremony, Chief Executive of the Association Joe Hayman said:

“I was delighted to visit Nottingham to present the award on Friday. The DrugAware resource is comprehensive and valuable and Nottingham City Council have shown great leadership in producing it and promoting it to other authorities. We hope that other authorities will work with the Association to produce similar resources and share that practice with colleagues around the country.”

For more information on the resource, visit its dedicated page on our website.

To find out more about our quality mark, click here.


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