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Sexual Health campaigns

26 January 2009

Sexual Health campaigns for young people

Exciting current government sexual health campaigns, details below.

RU Thinking?

The RU Thinking? campaign is aimed at 13 - 17 year-olds, and focuses on younger teenagers who are sexually inquisitive, with little or no sexual experience. The campaign aims to drip feed consistent, accurate information to every new cohort of young people on a range of aspects around relationships and sex.

The campaign is funded by the Department for Children,

Schools and Families and sets out to equip young teenagers with the confidence and social skills to resist peer pressure to have first-time sex, and to decide to go ahead only when they are fully ready.

For further information visit the campaign website

Want Respect? Use a condom

Want Respect? Use a condom – also funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families – is a highly targeted communications campaign aimed at sexually active 16 -18 year-olds, who are most at risk of unprotected sex and teenage pregnancy. The campaign talks to young people in their own language and it encourages the use of condoms by associating it with peer respect. Its key message is that by insisting that condoms are always used during sex shows you have respect both for yourself and others.

For further information visit the campaign MySpace site

Condom Essential Wear

Condom Essential Wear is a campaign funded by the Department of Health that aims to normalise condom use by addressing the complacency about STI risk and prevalence. It is aimed at sexually risky 18 - 24 year-olds and focuses on incorporating condom use as an integral part of their sexual activity – with the objective of making carrying a condom as normal as carrying keys, phones and money.

For further information visit the campaign website

Further information

If you require further information about the above campaigns please contact Ria Bowler on

 or 020 7403 2230.

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