PSHE education is the part of the curriculum in which pupils can develop the skills and attributes to stay healthy and safe and prepare for life and work in modern Britain. Yet despite its importance and the evidence of its potential, the subject isn’t statutory, meaning that millions of pupils miss out on the high-quality learning they need and deserve.

Statutory status is backed by 87% of parents, 90% of young people, 88% of teachers and 85% of business leaders. The Commons Education Committee inquiry into the subject also recommends that PSHE education be made statutory. They're joined by organisations like the UK Youth Parliament, Office of the Children’s Commissioner, Public Health England, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and 4 recent inquiries into child sexual exploitation. Read more on the support for statutory PSHE education here.

Over 100 leading organisations have joined our campaign for statutory PSHE education.

Earlier this year, we published our landmark report 'A curriculum for life: the case for statutory PSHE education' which brings together compelling evidence that high-quality PSHE education helps to keep children and young people safe, mentally and physically healthy and prepare them for life and work.