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We have published our list of workshop choices and you can attend two sessions on the day. Workshop titles as follows but please read the detailed workshop descriptions before making your choices on the booking form:

1. Identity, difference and values - fostering respect and understanding through PSHE education (primary)
2. Media literacy in the age of fake news and Photoshop (secondary)
3. PSHE education at Key Stage 5 – developing an engaging, responsive and relevant curriculum (KS5)
4. Promoting mental health through PSHE – practical ideas for a coherent approach (primary)
5. Promoting mental health through PSHE – practical ideas for a coherent approach (Secondary)
6. Differentiation & inclusion – meeting the needs of all learners (cross-phase primary and secondary)
7. Preparing for statutory Relationships Education within your primary PSHE curriculum (primary)
8. Preparing for statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) within your secondary PSHE curriculum (secondary)
9. Employability, enterprise & social mobility through PSHE education (secondary)


We are pleased to introduce keynote speakers:

Dr Richard Graham will speak about the changing landscape of children and young people's mental health:

Dr Richard Graham is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and former Clinical Director of the Adolescent Directorate at the Tavistock Clinic. Over the last decade, his work has centred on the impact of technology and technology overuse on mental health. He led the launch of the UK’s first Technology Addiction Service at the Nightingale Clinic and Co-Chairs the UK Council for Child Internet Safety Digital Resilience Working Group. His keynote will explore the changing pressures on young people, the impact of technology and the importance of developing young people’s digital resilience, while providing insights into what this means for schools.

Dr Elly Hanson & Ester McGeeney will speak about Digital Romance: the role of technology in young people’s romantic relationships:

Ester McGeeney is a youth researcher and practitioner, currently working for the young people’s sexual health and wellbeing charity Brook. Dr Elly Hanson is an independent Clinical Psychologist whose work for organisations, including NSPCC, focusses on tackling sexual abuse and exploitation.

The keynote will give an overview of the fascinating findings of a recent research project, exploring how young people flirt, develop, maintain and break up from romantic relationships in the digital age. Understanding the normative use of technology and the positives it can bring to young people's lives is critical to enabling young people to develop positive relationships and in reducing technology-assisted difficulties and abuse. Elly and Esther will draw out the key implications of this research for us as PSHE education practitioners supporting young people to enjoy positive relationships without harm.

In addition to our keynote speakers, our CEO Jonathan Baggaley will discuss possible implications of Government measures to strengthen the status of PSHE and RSE and our Deputy CEO Jenny Barksfield will explore changing priorities since the Association’s inception, including how PSHE education’s ability to move with the times makes it a truly 21st century subject.


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