Our Chartered Teacher Programme for Qualified Teachers

Our Chartered Teacher programme is our next step in recognising effective practice and encouraging the raising of standards in PSHE education, following the introduction of our School Charter.

The PSHE Association’s Chartered Teacher Programme offers practicing classroom teachers the opportunity to gain recognition for their PSHE education teaching and practice. Teachers that take part need to evidence how their practice reflects the 10 Principles of Effective Practice in PSHE education in order to achieve Chartered Teacher status. What makes this process different is that teachers need to evidence their practice to their own school colleagues rather than an ‘external assessor’. Participants will discuss their teaching with members of the school’s senior leadership team, who will endorse the application.

Please note – While your headteacher or senior leadership team may well ask to see some supporting material in order to sign off the completed framework, all the PSHE Association requires is a copy of the completed framework signed off by your head teacher or member of the senior leadership team – it is not necessary to send any supporting material to us with your completed framework.

Why take part?

  • The process provides useful guidance which will increase awareness of what constitutes effective practice in PSHE education.
  • The Chartered Teacher process emphasises dialogue between staff at the school, which helps to inform best practice by pooling ideas and expertise.
  • The process highlights relevant Department for Education and Ofsted guidance, how to apply them to your school and how they fit into the ten principles of effective PSHE education.
  • The process provides you with an opportunity to get your good practice recognised by your colleagues, school and the wider PSHE community. Successful Chartered Teachers will be emailed a certificate and our Chartered Teacher logo.


The process is free to all members and we encourage teachers who are interested to email us. If you are not yet a member, visit our page on membership for further details and instructions on how to sign up.