What people say about the starter training for the Rainbow Flag Award:


"The difference we can make by focusing on achievable changes."

"Really enjoyed the training and made me think a lot about how I work going forward."

"We felt really confident to ask questions and get it wrong so we can get it right!"


Tahseen Ali, YR5 class teacher at Unsworth Primary, said:

“We are thrilled to have achieved the Rainbow Flag Award and are proud of our staff and children who have worked really hard on this project. Our children have a greater understanding of LGBT+ communities, but more importantly are confident in challenging LGBTphobic language and attitudes.”

Jonathan Hancock, Assistant Head Teacher at St Philip’s CE Primary in Atherton, said:

“We have really enjoyed being part of the Rainbow Flag Award. It has increased the levels of staff confidence immensely, and made our school a bolder and brighter place.”



  • has a focus on improving the lives of LGBT+ people
  • applies a heritage of skills and expertise around LGBT+ identities from youth and community work practice
  • uses facilitated learning, interactive tools, plus questioning and exploring techniques in the delivery of training and services
  • supports the uniqueness of each school or college engaged with the programme, and encourages them to problem solve their own bespoke solutions, based on knowledge of their context and setting
  • maintains grassroots connections to local youth and LGBT+ communities, helping to link schools and students with their local LGBT+ youth services
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During the course of the pilot of the Rainbow Flag Award, some supporting resources were created by one of the delivery organisations —The Proud Trust — these gained our quality mark and can be accessed below:

  • The official LGBT History Month Education and Resource Pack 2018 — find it (along with previous years' packs) here
  • A "How to Set Up an LGBT+ Group in a School or College" guide — find it here