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Planning Tool for PSHE & Citizenship (Primary)

Summary: Resource produced by Essex Council for planning and assessing PSHE and Citizenship lessons in primary schools.

Description: This Planning Tool for PSHE education and Citizenship in primary schools (version 1) contains:

- theme planners (long-term plans) for each year group
- medium-term planning grids
- lesson materials detailing learning opportunities
- guidance on assessing PSHE and Citizenship
- a list of children’s story books grouped by theme
- a list of circle time games.

There are several ways in which this planning tool may be used, for example:

- as a basis for a scheme of work
- to track progression within existing PSHE and Citizenship planning and fill gaps
- to feed into cross curricular work
- to support special projects for example, work on sustainable development.

To use this planning tool, please download all the files below.

Published by Essex County Council, Schools, Children and Families, April 2009.

  • Subject:
    PSHE Guidance & Information
  • Levels:
    Primary: Key stage 1 & 2
  • Type:
    Professional publication
  • Suggested use:
    Lesson plans, Schemes of work, Assessment tools and strategies, Planning and audit tools

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Current rating: 5

1 reviews

annieroe 14 Mar 2012 08:10 Report comment

A fanastic range of planning and ideas for subject leaders to pass onto new staff or to give ideas for their own planning.

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