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Sign up to the PSHE School Charter

Add your school’s voice and support to best practice in PSHE education by signing up to the School Charter. 

The Charter is based on the ten principles of effective practice in PSHE education.  It is intended to support schools in making a public commitment to ensuring that they offer high quality PSHE education to pupils. The Charter helps schools reflect on their current provision for PSHE education, both as a discrete subject and as part of a whole school approach to promoting pupil wellbeing.

Schools may choose to use the Charter in a variety of ways.  For example, some schools have introduced the Charter within an INSET training event, as a stimulus for discussion aimed at identifying gaps in provision and practice, and a vehicle for curriculum development and school improvement.

Schools who sign up to the Charter will receive an electronic logo for their own use, recognising their aspiration and commitment to providing high quality PSHE education for their pupils.  

We are currently reviewing the PSHE School Charter and will provide details in due course.