Julie Riches

Julie is Lead for PSHE education at Philip Southcote School in Addlestone Moor, Surrey, a school with pupils aged 11 to 19, who have a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities including autism, hearing impairment, speech and language needs and a range of medical, physical and sensory needs. PSHE education in this complex and challenging environment is regarded as a core subject for its pupils and is given full curriculum time, a subject leader, budget and vision and aims. Leading the subject in this environment enables Julie to plan a full spiral curriculum for all the pupils, working alongside a full time subject specialist Teaching Assistant.

Julie is fully aware that this is not the norm and appreciates the difficulties faced by colleagues just to get recognition of the existence of PSHE within their school. She believes that it is essential for the Advisory Council to have the capacity to advise on issues around SEND in both Mainstream and Special School settings and to share best practice between as many colleagues as possible. She is passionate that the PSHE curriculum is delivered through high-quality, well resourced lessons which are designed to meet the needs of each student in order to prepare them to live their life to the full.